.David Towers
..Podiatrist and Chiropodist


Registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC)



Dr W (Nottingham GP)

As a runner I have suffered with plantar fasciitis, a painful heel condition, in both feet. Despite seeing other specialists and having traditionally made Orthotics, injuries continued. I saw an advert for David Towers who offered foot scanning. Using this more sophisticated assessment, he was able to prescribe me the correct Orthotics for my problems.
Very quickly the heel pain subsided and I have enjoyed an injury free period of running ever since.


Mr D aged 46 - Nottingham

Orthotics have given me my legs back!

It came as a serious blow to me 2 years ago to have to give up tennis due to knee, hip and lower back pain. Having got no where with doctors (who deemed me fit because I could walk in and out of the surgery) I made an appointment with David Towers on a suspicion that my feet were something to do with the problem.
After a Biomechanical Assessment by David my Orthotics were made and fitted..
These Orthotics have transformed my life! After a short bedding in period, I can now play tennis freely without worrying about all the old aches and pains that used to linger for days after. I can run hard and compete with the teenagers again. Less energetic pursuits such as hill walking are also a pleasure again. My legs feel like new and I'm enjoying them.


Mr. J of Derby

When running, I used to get repeated problems with my calf. After having a Biomechanical Assessment and Orthotics supplied by David Towers, I was able to train for the London Marathon injury free.


Mr B of Leicester

I was recommended to see David Towers by my sports physio. I had various calf muscle strains caused by running. I had previously been prescribed 2 different pairs of orthotics. David Towers has offered a more sophisticated approach and methodology. He provided a state of the art computer assessment technique for determining the Orthotics I required both for running and normal use. It was a comprehensive, knowledgeable and thorough service.
The Orthotics provided are helping minimise the stresses and strains I am imposing on my body when running and long distance walking.






David Towers MSSCh. DipPodMed. MBChA.

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